My story

I was born and raised in a loving home in Paducah, KY. My parents were excellent role models of how to balance both work and home. My father served in the military and later owned and managed an auto parts business that employed several people. Both of my grandfathers also served in the military during WWII, one later owning his own business and the other becoming a firefighter.

As far as my education and professional experience is concerned, I studied communication at Southeast Missouri State University. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I earned a master’s degree from Florida State University. A career opportunity as a Creative Director of a marketing firm relocated me back to Missouri. While there, I reconnected with my alma mater and professors, who encouraged me to teach a class. That opportunity turned into becoming an adjunct faculty member online, as well as on campus. When I moved to Las Vegas, I continued to teach for a number of academic institutions. For four years, I taught as a full time faculty member, and then served as an Academic Director/Chair at a private college for five years. During my time as an Academic Director, I earned my Doctorate in Business Administration. I have published a book on success in college. In 2021, I earned a certificate in Cyber Education for Louisiana Technical University.

My wife, Abby, and I moved to Nevada in 2007 to formally begin our life together. We were married in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Abby is an elementary teacher. We are the proud parents of twin boys.

In 2016, I ran for Regent of the Nevada System of Higher Education and won against an incumbent who was vice-chairman of the board. I am one of the few elected officials in the country to run without campaign fundraising and very little expenditures (and win). I am proud to serve my state as a Regent and I believe I have made great progress on the board.


Louisiana Technical University (2021)

Certificate in Cyber Education

Argosy University (2014)

Doctoral studies in Higher and Post-secondary Education:

E6610 Learning Theories & Teaching Strategies

E7038 Leading and Managing Higher and Post-secondary Institutions

E7040 Strategic Planning and Implementation in Higher and Post-secondary Education

E7046 Designing Curriculum

E7510 Financial & Resource Decision Making

E7512 Navigating Law, Policy, and Politics

Argosy University – 2013

Doctorate in Business Administration

Dissertation “Consumer Response to Instrumental and Website Messages”

B7223 Strategic Planning and Implementation

B7628 Leading Innovation and Change

B7777 Solutions Leadership

B7783 Solution-Oriented Decisions Models

E7345 College Teaching

The Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL – 2004

M.S. in Communication: Integrated Marketing and Management Communication

Thesis “News Bias”

Southeast Missouri State University – Cape Girardeau, MO – 2002

B.S. in Mass Communication: Video Production

Minors: Computer Networking and Technical Graphics