Transit-Oriented Development


I attended the 2018 Transit-Oriented Development Symposium.  A lot of the conversation focused on the Maryland Corridor.  I think we need light rail on Maryland.  The anticipated growth in the Las Vegas valley requires us to look at new types of transportation and development.



There are several reasons I think it is needed:

1. This helps UNLV.  Light rail connects the medical campus to the main campus.  This also enables students to have an easy and convenient way to be transported to campus if they live in the Maryland Corridor.

2. A high percentage of Maryland Parkway residents depend on public transportation and the ridership on buses is very high.  It would provide easier transportation to hospitals, jobs, and cultural activities for those living in the area.

3. It will be convenient for guests staying downtown Las Vegas to be able to ride via light rail from the airport.

4.  Light rail could spur growth and housing along the corridor enhancing our economy by offering transportation- oriented development to potential companies that are looking for places to relocate or start businesses.



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