TechSmith Jing Overview

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Jing can be used to capture video and stills from your desktop computer.  It is a free application.  Onee of the limitations of the software is that you are limited to exporting video as an SWF.

It is easy to use.  You can go to website and download the application for free.  Once it is loaded and you launch the program, you will see a semitransparent yellow circle at the top right of your screen.  One of the limitations of Jing is that it only exports SWF files, but SWF files can be converted into video files.  We show you how here.


Overview of Adobe Fuse

Adobe Fuse is a program that is currently in a beta version available through the Adobe Creative Cloud. Fuse allows you to create a 3D character without any modeling or rigging knowledge. You can also use the web interface to automatically rig the character for use in several different animation programs or rigged for gaming engines such as Unity and Unreal.

What is Adobe Fuse?

This video is an overview of Adobe Fuse. In the video a character is created and rigged.

characteristicsThere are a variety of editable characteristics as seen in the image below.





tech guy


This is the character that was created in the overview video.







After the rig is uploaded, you click one button to rig the character.autorig


Adobe After Effects Grids and Guides.

This video introduces the basics of using grids and guides in Adobe After Effects.  Grids and guides can be used to assist in the alignment of items inside a project by having the item snap to the grid or guide.

What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a media production program that is used to composite and creates motion graphics and visual effects. Motion graphics consist of any moving graphical image ranging from video billboards, graphics used in television commercials, and movie title sequences.  Visual effects consist anything that is composited.  Compositing is the combining of multiple elements to create a new image.  This includes effects in movies, color correction, green screen removal.  Whereas video editing programs are based on horizontal timelines (focusing on longer time sequences), After Effects is a vertical editor (often with shorter lengths of footage but multiple layers like in Photoshop).