What is Adobe Muse?

Adobe Muse is allows you to create a website graphically without any programming.  There are a lot of prebuilt widgets that can aid in the design process.  It also works well with Adobe Photoshop.  Adobe Muse is good for small (just a few pages) sites where the data might not change often.


This first video introduces Adobe Muse and the second video acts as a brief overview of the program.


What is Adobe SpeedGrade?

Adobe SpeedGrade is a program for color correction.  You can use the program to make different cameras look the same in a project, fix color issues, or use color shading to enhance a media project.

What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a media production program that is used to composite and creates motion graphics and visual effects. Motion graphics consist of any moving graphical image ranging from video billboards, graphics used in television commercials, and movie title sequences.  Visual effects consist anything that is composited.  Compositing is the combining of multiple elements to create a new image.  This includes effects in movies, color correction, green screen removal.  Whereas video editing programs are based on horizontal timelines (focusing on longer time sequences), After Effects is a vertical editor (often with shorter lengths of footage but multiple layers like in Photoshop).