I teach a variety of classes in subjects such as:
Advanced Post ProductionSoftware-Skillset
After Effects
Apple Color
Cinema 4D
Color Correction/Shading
History of Communication
Fundamentals of Marketing
Marketing Research
Media and Culture
Motion Graphics
Online Marketing Research
Professional Practice for media fields
Visual Effects



One series of videos will focus on helping people understand what some programs are.  You simply don’t know what you don’t know.  You often visit the manufacturers site and read their review or watch their video overview and you might still leave without having an idea of what the product is used for.  This series will have two videos for most applications.  There will be a 30 second concise overview of the application and then a slightly longer video that contains more information in the 3 to 7 minute range.

The other videos will be tutorials.  At least in the beginning most of these will focused around introductory topics.  The focus in most of the older tutorials was After Effects.  Some of these will updated for the new version of the software.  Many of the new tutorials will also be on other After Effects Topics.